Evil Geniuses Announces Release of Overwatch Team

Evil Geniuses have let go their entire Overwatch pro team while weighing options for the future.

After a meeting between Evil Geniuses professional Overwatch roster and Evil Geniuses management, a decision was made to drop their current roster completely and begin looking at how the Overwatch competitive scene develops before deciding on what to do for the future of their team.

The reasoning behind their decision was that the players have stated that they feel their synergy isn’t as good as it could be, and wasn’t up to the competitive Overwatch standards that other teams have set the bar for.  If you happen to be a major fan of Evil Geniuses, don’t fret because they have said that they aren’t completely dropping out of the competitive Overwatch scene, this sounds like they’re just hitting the reset button and looking at all their options before moving forward once again. If you’re interested in reading the full statement click here. I for one am excited to see who Evil Geniuses decides to pick up for their team in the future, and wish them the best of luck in their search for the best of the best.

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