DOTA 2 “The International 2017” Teams Announced

Once a year there comes an Esports tournament that routinely breaks records for having the highest prize pool of any competition to date, and this year is looking no different. Beginning August 7th, 18 teams will compete in this years DOTA 2 “TI7” to prove once and for all they are this year’s top team.

With the teams finally being announced, players all around the world can prepare to watch them face off as they compete once again for a soon to be record-breaking prize pool. The current prize pool stands at a whopping $20,174,836 but is well on it’s way to breaking last years DOTA 2 TI6 record of nearly $21 Million dollars. If you’d like to keep track of the current prize pool, this site has up to date information to help you track this year’s prize pool and compare it to the previous years TI tournaments.

Now get out there and prepare to root for your favorite team! Sadly this writer’s favorite team “NaVi” doesn’t seem to be competing this year.

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