Blizzard Prepares For Overwatch Contenders Season One

While Overwatch Contenders Season Zero champions eUnited and Immortals are celebrating their recent victories, Blizzard is already looking ahead to Season One.

Season One of Overwatch Contenders will begin the week of August 14, followed by six weeks of online play, all culminating at the Overwatch World Cup group stage. The offline finals will take place in October, and all Season One matches will be streamed live. This is welcome news to many fans, as one of the chief complaints from Season Zero was the amount of games that were off-stream. As with last season, Europe and North America will be competing separately. However, the stakes are even higher this time around, with the prize pools up to $100,000 per region – double what they were for Season Zero.

North American Teams: EnvyUs, Rogue, Immortals, Team Liquid, FNRGFE, Kungarna, FaZe Clan, and Detroit Renegades.
European Teams: eUnited, 123, Laser Kittenz, Bazooka Puppiez, Movistar Rider, Singularity, Rest in Pyjamas, and Misfist.
The line-up is nearly finalized, with pending confirmations from EnvyUs and Rogue.

Team results from Season Zero influenced the invitations for Season One, with the fifth and sixth places making more waves than some might think. FaZe Clan won out over LG Evil, securing their place in Season One, and Detroit Renegades beat Envision, snatching up the final spot in Season One. APEX participants Rogue and EvnyUS round out the North American Season One line-up.

All matches will be streamed here, and fans can stay up-to-date with the latest Season One news at

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