Overwatch World Cup 2017 Group Stage Set To Begin!

Overwatch fans! The stage is lit, the votes have been counted, and your wait is over!

The top 32 teams selected to represent a variety of countries from around the world have been chosen and the dates have been set, so get ready for some patriotic Esports action with the Overwatch World Cup 2017! Check the official site for more information on the brackets, and see who has been selected to battle it out for your country, or see if your favorite player made the cut.

The Overwatch World Cup live events are going to be held all over the world, bringing the sounds of victory and defeat to all players around the globe! So be sure to save up some cash for a ticket and that sweet Overwatch loot, or be prepared to tune in live via Twitch to watch all the action go down, with the final being broadcast live from BlizzCon 2017, where the winners from each bracket will throw down in 8 single-elimination matches to determine once and for all who is the best of the best. The dates for the events are as follows.

7/14/17 – 7/16/17
7/21/17 – 7/23/17
8/4/17 – 8/6/17
8/11/17 – 8/13/17

11/3/17 – 11/4/17

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