Possible Cities For Overwatch League

A tweet out of the Sports Business Leaders Conference shows sixteen cities for Overwatch League.

Blizzard’s global head of esports Nate Nanzer was giving an Overwatch panel at the Sports Business Leaders Conference. The panel focused on Overwatch League and a picture taken by SportTechie senior writer Mark J. Burns shows 16 city based teams. Cities that could make up the beginning of the Overwatch League down the line:

It’s very important to note that at the bottom right of the image it says “Note: Illustrative cities and locations“. This basically means not confirmed cities; they’re used for the presentation as examples. This could prove to be insight to the first cities for Overwatch League though. The cities shown are the following:

  • North America
    • Los Angeles
    • New York
    • Boston
    • Washington D.C.
    • Dallas
    • San Francisco
    • Seattle
    • Chicago
    • Miami
    • Toronto (Canada)
    • Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Europe
    • Paris (France)
    • Frankfurt (Germany)
    • London (United Kingdom)
  • Asia
    • Shanghai (China)
    • Seoul (Korea)

Not much news has been released of Overwatch League as of late but Blizzard’s initial plan was to start the League sometime this year.

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