Orisa Goes Live Today But Is Disabled For One Week Of Competitive Play

Overwatch‘s new robotic tank Orisa will be put into the game today on all platforms but will not be usable in competitive for one week.

Principal Designer Scott Mercer said yesterday on the Overwatch forums they want players to learn the hero first before bringing her into competitive:

“When patch 1.9 releases tomorrow, Orisa will not initially be available for Competitive Play. We want to give players some time to learn about and play Orisa before she’s placed into the crucible of Competitive Play.

She’ll still be immediately available in Quick Play, the Arcade (including custom games with the competitive ruleset), and Play vs. AI.”

Makes sense seeing that you don’t want players taking Orisa into competitive matches for the first time not knowing what they’re doing. This also allows Blizzard to see any big issues with Orisa not caught from PTR testing.

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