Team Liquid Shakes Up Their Entire Bottom Lane

Forever Fourth seemed to be Team Liquid’s curse in the League of Legends North American League Championship Series. Nowadays things are a bit out of hand for Team Liquid, who currently sit near the bottom of the bracket during the spring split. Right now, Liquid is holding down 9th place, just slightly ahead of Team Envy who is sitting in last place. Liquid is a team that has been around the LCS for a long time. With the real fear of relegation around the corner, the organization decided to make a move.

Last week Liquid struck a deal with Team Solo Mid to sign AD Carry Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng for the remainder of the season. Doublelift has been taking a break from the Spring Split and plans to return playing for TSM in the summer split. Last week, which is Week 7 of the LCS, Doublelift was put into the Liquid starting roster and faced off against Cloud 9 and Team Envy. Liquid lost to Cloud 9 2-0. Liquid were however able to beat Team Envy 2-1.

Another acquisition Liquid made was Phoenix1’s Sub Support Adrian “Adrian”┬áMa. Adrian is currently in Liquid’s starting roster for Week 8 making Liquid’s bottom lane quite formidable given the experience Doublelift and Adrian have. Will it be enough to help Liquid escape relegation? The rest of the spring split will show us. The first test will be against Dignitas this Friday.

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