Overwatch League Team Slots May Cost Millions

Buying a Overwatch League team slot may be more expensive than you think; and I mean, way more than you think.

An article published by Sports Business Daily reports that a slot in Overwatch League may cost at least between two to five million dollars. Cities that are known for esports culture, such as Los Angeles, might have to play more.

If the sources for the article prove to be even close to true, talks with investors are going rather well. We are looking at a truly traditional sports-like league. Teams looking to buy in will either be an esports organization with investors or a team owned by a wealthy person. Let’s face it, the chances of the average young adult having that much money on hand are slim to none.

Overwatch is a widely popular game but Blizzard are really investing on the esports this time around. It’s important to note that no game has shot up to esports status within a year. Even games like League of Legends and Dota2 — which are both considered large esports today — rose to that level over time. Ironically enough, Blizzard is a company that could pull such a feat off with Overwatch League.

It has been a bit over three months since Overwatch League was announced at BlizzCon 2016. The trailer hints at 2017 being the year it starts. If so, more details should be coming out by summer. So till then,  teams better keep up on their game mechanics and hit Top 500 if they want to be considered by a team looking to buy into the league.

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