March Dates Announced For Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee

A new month, another Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee event…

Dates for the next round of monthly Overwatch esports tournament have been announced, so mark your calendars for the weekend of March 18th and 19th. Teams attending this round have not been announced as of yet, but speculation is that Cloud9, EnVyUs, Fnatic, and Misfits will be on the list.

The Overwatch Monthly Melee takes place once a month on the Gosu Gamers Twitch channel and offers teams a chance at their share of a $5000 prize pool — divided between the winning and second place team in amounts of $3000 and $2000 respectively. ¬†More details on this month’s lineup will be made available soon — most likely later this week.



4 thoughts on “March Dates Announced For Overwatch Alienware Monthly Melee”

    1. Hey! Sorry about the late reply, we’re actually just building out the site and haven’t really expected comments right away since we’re not promoting it yet. Anyway, I’m not actually sure it will be melee only as opposed to that just being the name of the event. They weren’t clear on that.


      1. Darn! haha. I really want a game mode of just everyone punching each other xD Well, feel free to promote your site in our group! It’ll help you get jump started. Or if you want to write on a platform that gets you more views you can check out my profile for that.


      2. Oh. You’re part of Now Loading? I’m friends with Jay. Used to be his editor at GameBreaker.TV. We were both editors at GameSkinny for a while. I also write at MMOBomb.

        While we appreciate the offer, Full Tilt isn’t looking to be part of a community writer network. This is a project that really won’t work on something like that.


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